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Who Has The Best Cell Phone Protection Plans? The Answer May Surprise You

Is your device protected? With the price of smartphones continuing to rise, properly protecting your device is more important than ever. At the time of purchase, wireless carriers often turn on the heat by giving you an ultimatum – buy the protection plan now or never at all. Luckily, today there are several options to consider for both new and old phones.

 With most third-party providers and carriers, there will be a deductible associated with your repair service, which can come as a nasty shock. Most people only assume the monthly payment as the expense associated with their plan. The deductible on most wireless carrier plans typically ranges from $50 to $200. Third-party insurance providers offer a lower deductible — $99 for SquareTrade, for instance — but, keep in mind, these plans typically cover fewer types of incidents.

 To help you in your search for the best cell phone protection plan, we’ve developed a visual comparison chart of the most popular plans on the market and a few you might have missed.


The Staymobile Protect Plan provides our customers coverage for eligible mobile devices when mechanical breakdowns or unexpected accidental damage occurs. We will repair everything from a faulty home button screen to defective pixels to overheating. It is an economical way to get coverage after the manufacturer’s limited warranty expires or immediately following your device purchase because let’s face it, the manufacturer’s warranty plan simply does not offer customers the protection they deserve. The best part is, this plan requires zero deductibles.

 We’ve heard every story in the book. Whether it is a fumble in the bathroom that led to a submerged iPhone or a game day in a college town that led to a shattered Samsung Galaxy screen, device damage does not discriminate. When customers purchase a Staymobile Protect Plan, they have peace of mind knowing that they are protected from the costs associated with unexpected bills for covered repairs.

 Following the purchase of a new device, it’s important to remember that you have options. Don’t be pressured by your carrier or your friends because everyone deserves affordable and reliable protection for life’s clumsy or unexpected moments. Visit your local Staymobile location to sign up today.



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