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First Pitch: Navigating Baseball Season with Tech

The Best Tech and Apps for Your Next Trip to the Ball Park

The iconic American experience is in full swing. Baseball may be America’s favorite pastime, but rest assured, it isn’t just about the game only anymore. After all, who needs an excuse to skip out of work on a Friday to catch an afternoon game, find the perfect outdoor place to have a pre-game drink and soak up that summer sun?  These are serious reasons to get pumped for the season and we are thrilled it is that time once again. You are never far from the ballpark with these accessories and apps.  Here’s why:

Getting to the Game

Let’s face it, finding your way to your seat with another 40,000 people can have its challenges! Getting to the game and into your seat can perhaps be the most stressful part of the outing.

Outside the stadium           

If public transportation or Uber isn’t your style, then tap into one of the many parking apps available. While you may find some good local apps, one nationally used app that has partnered specifically with professional sports leagues and stadiums is the ParkingPanda app.  ParkingPanda allows you to search by location, compare rates and proximity to your sporting event, and pre-book your spot. Your parking spot is guaranteed, so all you have to do on game day is show up! Going to all 162 games? Even better.  ParkingPanda has a loyalty program. You can earn free parking through referrals. Now you can stop circling the block for that perfect spot and spend more time on your pre-game rituals.

Inside the stadium

The MLB.com Ballpark app is your mobile host when visiting your favorite Major League Baseball ballparks. As your host, the app offers you interactive concourse maps that include drink and food menus. No more hunting you’re your favorite consumable. If you don’t want to miss a second of the game, stay in your seat and take advantage of the offer mobile food ordering, merchandise ordering and possibly even seat upgrades (select MLB parks only). And it can personalize your trip with mobile check-ins that connects to exclusive rewards and offers in the ball park. 

During the Game

You do more than attend. You want more than hotdog, beer and 7th inning stretch.  No wait.  You NEED to know everything. Nothing beats a second-screen to watch your favorite team.  And while there is a free subscription, for the true sabermetrician, you’ll want to grab the MLB at Bat paid service. 

There are levels of subscription, each with varying bells and whistles. And it doesn’t set you back a whole heck of a lot.  Purchases can cost between $2.99/month or $19.99/year. Here’s what you get:

  • Customize to your favorite teams and see all the news, scores, and videos in one place
  • On game day, access field and lineups and expanded player stats. Get pitch-by-pitch features, interactive rosters, and sortable batting, fielding and pitching statistics
  • Watch the game. See replays of decisive, and key plays with Live Look-Ins.
  • Watch a game not in your market. Be in a park and watch a game in another park.
  • Radio broadcasts. Just like the old days.
  • Watch condensed games when short on time
  • Access a library of videos and legendary games

That’s why they call it the full-fan experience!

Planning a Road-Trip

Checking off the ballparks to see in your lifetime this summer or planning a multi-day baseball trip with your child?  Coordinating the home games of teams to coincide with your available dates can be difficult. Luckily, a free, online site will help you pull this together. 

Making memories has never been so easy. At Baseball-Roadtrip.com, you select the teams you want to see (MLB, AAA or AA), input the date parameters of your travel and input game start times to suggest an itinerary that will match. The site isn’t fancy.  Straightforward selection of what you want, and you can get on the road.  Bucket list checked.

Early season games mean unpredictable weather. Be sure to throw some easy-to-carry gear into the trunk.  Start with a rain poncho. It will be the best $4 you’ll spend during a rainy game.  And the early season night games never felt better than with a hand warmer. Great for tail-gating or watching the game.

Getting a Safe Ride Home

It was a great game.  And now time to make it a good ride home.  Enjoying the game can mean it’s time to catch a ride.  Load Uber or Lyft onto your smartphone before heading to the game. Calling a cab can be a quick way out of the stadium, and it will get you safely home, ready for the next game. With162 games, you’ll want to be around to see them all.

Your Baseball Social Media Companions

Follow on Social Media

Complement your fan experience by following, none-other than Will Leitch on Twitter (@williamfleitch).  The founding editor of @Deadspin, one of the most popular, independent sports blogs on the internet, and author of 4 books about baseball and life.  You can catch his daily comments, videos, blogs, newsletter and humor by following him on social media. 

Can’t get enough Twitter?  Take a look at Ken Rosenthal (@Ken_Rosenthal).  Ken is a senior baseball writer, MLB reporter on Fox, and MLB Network insider.   You’ll enjoy daily commentary, opinions and more.  A definite add for the Baseball aficionado.

Browse Online Content

A must-have resource for fans.  Purchase a Baseball America online subscription.   All things baseball in this magazine including majors, minors, draft, college, high school and international. Baseball America has been around for over 30 years. The only thing missing would be fantasy baseball.  Well actually, Baseball America has a guide for that too.

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