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The Top 5 Apps for the Best Spring Break Ever

Spring is finally here! That's right, after countless months of short and dark days, the end is finally in sight. Along with the start of baseball season, this month welcomes spring break, a week of bliss allowing you to travel to warmer, more relaxing locales.

Before you take off for what you hope to be your best Spring Break ever, you also might want to consider loading up your cell phone with a few apps to make sure that you're not working any harder than you have to once you're beachside. Fortunately, Staymobile, an Atlanta-based mobile tech repair shop, rounded up the best apps for you.

  1. Find My Friends- If you have an IPhone you automatically have the Find My Friends app. This app is great because it allows you to track your friends GPS location, once they accept your follower request and share their location with you. During spring break people will want to break off and go on their own adventures at some point. Add the members of your spring break group to the app so you can know where they are in case someone gets lost or does not return in a timely manner. This app is only available for IPhone users if everyone does not have an IPhone use another GPS locating app such as Life360.
  2. GroupMe : This app allows you to communicate with all the members of your group at once, no matter if they use an Android or Apple device. GroupMe is great for planning your trip, as well as keeping in touch and making plans to meet up with your group while on your trip. You can also keep everyone up to date by posting events to the calendar in the app.
  3. Uber: We all know not to Drink and Drive, taxi’s however can be expensive. Uber offers a cost-effective way to get around your spring break destination. Sign up for an account using your credit card and you’re ready to go! The app now offers fare split so that you can split the cost amongst your friends and not have to worry about paying anyone back.
  4. If you are driving to your Spring Break destination, chances are that you will be stopping at least a couple of times to fill up. The GasBuddy app allows you to search for gas prices by city, state, and zip code. This allows you to save money by getting the best price for gas near your location because no one wants to blow their spring break budget on the way there!
  5. OpenTable: While you are probably going to buy groceries for your trip, chances are that you will go out to dinner at least a couple of times. OpenTable allows you to look at menu’s, read reviews, and make a reservation all with the touch of a finger.

By Rachel Dangerfield


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